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From the movie, we can see the human instinct to adapt to the unknown. On the other hand, people are curious about other people's lives. Being curious gives us a sense of satisfaction and feeling of worth. We are interested in people who are curious to know about us. For example, a student who is curious about the life of a friend may choose to invite the friend for a cup of coffee. A positive emotional experience occurs when curiosity can be satisfied. Such an experience can bring satisfaction to the life of a student. However, curiosity may not be satisfied by a student who does not pursue a lot of work and spend time in life-engagement activities. Studies suggest that curiosity is inversely related to loneliness. Curiosity also relates to some negative outcomes, such as cognitive impairment and poor mental health. Cultural context Cultural context relates to cultural beliefs, attitudes, or customs. Culture affects people's behaviors by being aware of cultural norms and rules and their beliefs and values. Cultural context is highly contextual in nature. Due to cultural differences in beliefs and values, some behaviors are universal, but some are not. Cultural context varies across cultures. What is appropriate in one culture may be considered unacceptable in another. For example, sex outside marriage is acceptable for married couples in some societies, while it is not in others. Cultural context also has a large impact on the experience of curiosity. Some curiosity-related outcomes, such as curiosity or the desire to seek information, may occur in some cultures and not in others. Cultural beliefs and values Cultural beliefs and values are the set of beliefs and values that characterize a culture and society. Cultural beliefs are the set of beliefs that define a society, culture, and people. Cultural beliefs are shaped by the society in which we live and the society that we were raised in. Cultural beliefs affect the levels of curiosity, which may have a positive or negative impact on outcomes. For example, people who feel that curiosity is not worthy of them may be less likely to ask questions. Cultural values are some basic beliefs of a culture. For example, the values in some cultures may consider curiosity as a low-valued experience, which can result in negative outcomes such as feeling embarrassed and incompetent. Cultural values also affect the experience of curiosity. For example, some cultures, such as the Amish, may be closed-minded to some knowledge and new




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127 Hours Hindi dasniko

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