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Product advisory

Do you need a recommendation or demonstration of our products? We are glad to offer one to you.


Are you overwhelmed for managing big inventories? Do you need an urgent order? 


We have a wide variety of products that we can supply.


With our products we cover some commercial markets and business. 

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Product advirsory

We offer advisory and recommendation services with no cost.

Do you have issues and doubts about certain material/component you need?Is there any component that is difficult to locate or find? Do you like to receive a recommendation about any product?

Our experts team will give you the help needed for any material supply requirement. 

Also, you have the option to send us a Request for Quotation (RFQ), prints, drawings, or specifications, in order to offer you a customized service.

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Costs in inventory management can be a burden for your business. Fast Sumind is able to manage your components inventory.

We offer virtual import petition services, in case that you have issues in importing any product. 

Do you have a scheduled delivery of any material or component? Do you need an urgent component requirement? We have 24/7 services.

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We have UL, IEC, DIN, ANSI and ANCE Bussman® y Ferraz-Shawmut® circuit protection applications.


We manage a wide range of stainless steel, alloy steel, and plastic fasteners.

Plastic bags

We can manufacture any kind of bags covering a wide range of specifications and materials, from 2 inches to 131 ft, with different pigments, thickness and appearance. 

Durable labels

Labels of Polyester, Polypropylene, BOPP, Vinyl and Polyamide, for uses like brand, cables and circuit identification, or safety warnings and informative.

PVC connectors

We have inventory of PVC pipelines, valves and connectors. 



We manufacture cable harnesses of different size and terminals. 

Please watch the following video. 

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All the supplied components cover the automotive, electric/electronics, air conditioners (AC) , and appliances business markets.

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